NARM Certification 

Graduates from our certificate program gain the knowledge, abilities and skills necessary for entry-level midwifery practice. Graduates wishing to pursue the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) Certified Professional Midwife credential (CPM) will qualify under the MEAC Schools application route.

State Licensure

Over twenty-eight states currently regulate direct-entry midwifery. Almost all of these states license or certify midwives by using either the NARM CPM credential or the NARM CPM Written Examination. While graduation from our program and passing the NARM CPM exam leads to a national credential, application for additional state licensure is required in many states.

State licensing or certification applications are made separately from application to NMI or to NARM, with regulations specific to each state. While it is the responsibility of students to determine whether our program is an appropriate step in their path to certification and licensure in their state, NMI Administrators assist students in this process.  Contact us to learn more. 

More Information

North American Registry of Midwives  

Midwives Alliance of North America 


β€œIt helps to know that this path will get me where I want to be, in a competent and focused way.”

~ an NMI Student

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