"What I have learned about midwifery through this program is that midwifery is always evolving. There is a hunger for knowledge that is empowering." ~an NMI student

Program Goals

National Midwifery Institute graduates are prepared to:

“I love getting the chance to witness people’s transformations, and I love it when I can do something helpful.”

~ an NMI Student

  • Qualify for the National Credential Certified Professional Midwife Examination through the North American Registry of Midwives (“NARM”), and state midwifery licensure where provided.

  • Provide equitable, sensitive, culturally-competent primary care to clients, families and babies.

  • Practice in accordance with the Midwives Model of Care, upholding the professional standards of the CPM credential.

  • Apply critical thinking, theoretical knowledge, and informed decision making to make collaborative clinical decisions with clients about their health care.

  • Establish or join a midwifery practice within the community where they completed their apprenticeship and have become an integral part of the local birth network.

  • Take on their own midwifery apprentices once qualified to do so, thereby enhancing and supporting the apprenticeship model of midwifery education in their own communities.


To learn more, view the NMI Handbook.