"I always felt the admissions process was very personal." ~ an NMI student

NMI Certificate Program Admissions

National Midwifery Institute is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution. There shall be no discrimination against any employee, applicant for employment or any student on any basis including actual or perceived sex, gender identity, race, color, marital status, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. This non-discrimination policy applies to all educational policies and programs and to all terms and conditions of employment, which include (but are not limited to): recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, benefits, promotions, disciplinary actions and termination.

Minimum Qualifications for Admission

Students applying for admission to NMI must have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent to be eligible for admission into the NMI certificate program. Previous birth experience is strongly encouraged, but not required. Prospective students with minimal birth experience or minimal experience in correspondence education are encouraged to consider enrollment in the Heart & Hands Course, which is available separately from enrollment into the NMI’s certificate program, prior to enrollment in the NMI certificate program.

All applicants to the NMI certificate program are assisted in their enrollment decision during the telephone interview process as well as any other interaction the applicant has with the administrative staff, who continually advise the applicant of the risks, benefits, and demands of midwifery practice. Qualified applicants then self-select whether or not they would like to complete their enrollment with NMI based on their informed assessment regarding their suitability for the program structure and the program’s suitability for them.

Each state and country regulates the profession of midwifery in its own way. Educational requirements vary, and licensing or certification may or may not be required. It is the responsibility of the applicant to research guidelines in their anticipated state of practice before deciding to enroll. Applicants are advised to contact their state midwifery organization, MANA, or NARM prior to enrollment in NMI to determine if NMI is an appropriate step toward certification and/or licensure in the state that is the applicant’s legal residence. In addition, NMI must be legally authorized to operate or exempt from such authorization with all regulatory agencies that govern midwifery education programs, post-secondary education, vocational education, and/or degree-granting institutions in every state or local jurisdiction where our institution has a presence and in which our student permanently reside. To learn more about places where NMI can and cannot currently enroll students, visit our States Permission to Operate page. Please review this list prior to submitting an application.

How to Enroll at NMI and File a Formal Application for Admission

National Midwifery Institute offers open enrollment year round; applicants may apply and enroll at any time. 

The enrollment process is self-paced; initial applications are held indefinitely and enrollment may be completed in a matter of days or a matter of months depending on the applicant’s preference.

"I loved how simple the application process was!"

~ an NMI student

  1. The first step in the application process is to contact us by phone or email to request an application for admission.

  2. You will be sent a link to complete our Student Application for Enrollment form and to pay a $30 application fee online.

  3. Following completion of Student Application for Enrollment form and paying the $30 application fee, applicants should contact your high school and request that an official high school transcript be sent directly to our administrative office at PO Box 128 Bristol VT 05443. If the applicant has an earned GED, the applicant should contact the state in which the applicant successfully passed the GED and formally request that a copy of the GED evidencing passing and completion be submitted to the NMI Office. In the case of high school degree equivalency documents, the applicant should request the regulatory agency which bestowed the documents to submit official documentation to the NMI Office evidencing the candidate’s high school degree equivalency.

  4. Upon receipt of your application and application fee, qualified NMI staff will contact you by e-mail to schedule a telephone interview to answer any questions that you may have, to provide further details regarding program policies, to ensure that you are academically qualified to attend NMI and likely to successfully complete and benefit from the education and training provided by the institution, and to help you in making an informed decision about NMI as your choice of program.

  5. Following your telephone interview and if the interview is deemed successful, you will be sent an acceptance letter from NMI stating that you have been accepted into the NMI midwifery certificate program. You will also receive additional NMI forms that you are required to complete and return in order for you to continue your enrollment process.

  6. To complete your enrollment process, you will submit to NMI a signed and witnessed NMI Enrollment Agreement, ACH authorization form for monthly administrative fee withdrawals, signed Academic Integrity Agreement, tuition initial down payment, and official high school transcript or its equivalent.

Enrollment Date
Enrollment in NMI’s Midwifery Certificate program is complete on the date when NMI has received all of the following items:

● $30 application fee;
● NMI Enrollment Agreement, completed and signed by enrolling student and witness;
● Academic Integrity Agreement, signed by enrolling student;
● ACH debit authorization form;
● Official high school transcript or its equivalent, and;
● Tuition down payment.

All incoming students are advised to carefully review, read and understand the NMI Handbook and to consult the NMI Schedule For Filing Forms (available from NMI) regarding student responsibilities for filing clinical experience documentation. Students must also obtain a NARM certification application. The NARM application for students in MEAC-accredited schools is available through narm.org.

Procedure Following Enrollment

Upon completion of the enrollment process and within 7 business days of enrollment date, the candidate receives the following by email from NMI Administrators:

  1. Official welcome email, including passwords and orientation NMI Student Portal for access to course work, clinical experience and evaluation forms, contact information for NMI faculty and staff, and the NMI Media Library;

  2. Login information and orientation to NMI’s weekly virtual study group through Zoom platform;

  3. Invitation to join NMI’s closed Facebook group for current students and recent graduates.

Upon completion of the enrollment process and within 7 business days of enrollment date, the candidate receives the following by postal mail from NMI Administrators:

  1. Official enrollment letter, including:

    • Tuition statement showing down payment and payment plan details, if any;

    • Rosters of students and graduates;

    • March of Dimes Cultural Competence module;

    • Excerpts from NARM CIB Glossary with relevant definitions.

Newly enrolled student may immediately begin participation in all NMI curricular activities upon completion of enrollment.

Advanced Placement Policy

Previous completion of Heart & Hands Course Work and/or prior birth experience that can be adequately documented transfer with the student upon acceptance and enrollment into NMI. At the preceptor’s discretion, students with prior birth experience sufficient to begin student-primary care under preceptor supervision may be required to attend births as an observer or assistant before beginning student-primary care under preceptor supervision.

NMI course work is specific to the Midwives’ Model of Care, weaving core sciences into the curriculum. Students with prior study in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, or pharmacology do not receive advanced placements, but will find that the NMI curriculum provides excellent review and integration of these subjects.

Transfer Students

In addition to NMI’s Advanced Placement Policy, NMI also accepts transfer students who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Applicants who have completed academic courses and/or clinical experience while enrolled in other MEAC-accredited programs.

  2. Applicants who have completed academic courses and/or clinical experiences while enrolled in non-accredited midwifery programs, and;

  3. Applicants who have not completed formal direct-entry midwifery school or course work, but have considerable prior midwifery study and clinical maternal care experience.

Transfer students enroll with NMI prior to assessment of previous academic experience. While transfer students are required to complete two thirds of the NMI curriculum, they may be able to waive completion of up to one third of the coursework. Once enrolled, transfer students work with Elizabeth Davis, instructor for Heart & Hands, the program's initial coursework, who reviews their transcripts to determine any areas in which additional study is necessary to meet the beginning course requirements. Transfer student tuition is the same regardless of how much course work is waived.

As part of the application process, transfer students submit documentation of clinical experiences obtained prior to their application with NMI. Prior experiences will be tabulated to determine any experience requirements yet to be met in order to graduate from the program. Prior experiences accepted for transfer will result in a reduction of preceptor fees.

Transfer Applicants follow a separate admissions from full matriculating (standard enrollment) students:

  1. The Transfer Applicant in the enrollment process is to first contact us. The Transfer Applicant will be sent a computer link with the NMI Transfer Student Application or Enrollment from and pay the NMI $250 transfer student application fee online.

  2. The remainder of the Transfer Application enrollment process is similar to the standard enrollment process.

Students With Disabilities                          

National Midwifery Institute welcomes students with disabilities. During the application process, NMI discusses with the Applicant any disability they have disclosed and any potential impact their disability might have on their educational experience in NMI and their ability to practice midwifery following graduation. NMI provides disabled students with reasonable educational accommodation based upon relevant law, sound ethical practices, and NMI educational standards.

Educational accommodation is defined as any reasonable adjustment required for a student to participate fully in the school community. Students who are enrolling in NMI and who have disclosed a disability are asked to submit information regarding their educational needs in this regard. It is the student’s responsibility to request services in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of NMI Program Directors to decide whether a disability has been adequately documented and to identify a list of potential accommodations of the disability, a copy of which is shared with the student. Learning disabilities can be manifest in a variety of ways, and accommodations must be tailored to the individual. Examples include allowing a student extra time to complete assignments, providing assistance with proofreading written work, providing feedback and assisting the student in planning the workflow of assignments, and more.

NMI students need to be aware of specific abilities necessary for completing NMI’s academic and clinical experience documentation requirements as well as for their future work as a midwife. These include: communicating with clients; administering medications; lifting and repositioning clients; acting as a supervisor; motor skills such as suturing; performing physical examinations of clients; operating motor vehicles; working long shifts without breaks; ordering lab tests; insurance billing; and many other functions.     

NMI Enrollment Policies and Procedures

NMI Non-Discrimination Policy states: National Midwifery Institute is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution. There shall be no discrimination against any employee, applicant for employment or any student on any basis including actual or perceived sex, gender identity, race, color, marital status, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. This non-discrimination policy applies to all educational policies and programs and to all terms and conditions of employment, which include (but are not limited to): recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, benefits, promotions, disciplinary actions and termination.

NMI has admission and enrollment criteria that are designed to admit only those students who are reasonably capable of successfully completing and benefiting from the institution’s training offered. NMI publishes in its catalog (NMI Handbook) and on its website information, prior to admission, notifying each applicant for enrollment of the program’s admission requirements, process, and procedures; the nature of the training and education provided; and the program’s responsibilities and demands. NMI consistently and fairly applies its admissions requirements.

Prior to enrollment at NMI, NMI administration:

  • Determines that an applicant meets the institution’s admissions requirements;

  • Secures documentation to demonstrate that each applicant meets all admission requirements;

  • Documents that applicants that applicants rejected did not meet admission requirements.

NMI maintains documentation permanently that demonstrates that admission requirements have been met or that explains the basis for any denial of admission.

The determination of the applicant’s ability to benefit from the training offered must be confirmed by documentation of the applicant’s achievements that have been reviewed by a qualified NMI staff member prior to matriculation.

NMI student recruitment, enrollment, and admissions duties will be conducted in an ethical and professional manner and in keeping with organizational policies and procedures as well as relevant accreditation requirements. Student recruitment, enrollment, and admission duties will be geared toward the enrollment of qualified applicants who are likely to complete and benefit from the training provided by the institution and not geared toward enrolling students simply to obtain enrollments.

Student recruitment and admissions personnel will work to ensure that students are fully informed and able to make considered enrollment decisions without undue pressure. Student recruitment and admissions personnel will only assist prospective students in the area that fall within the purview of their position.

Student recruitment and admissions personnel will not make explicit promises of employment or exaggerated statements regarding employment or salary prospects to prospective students. Student recruitment and admission personnel will participate in relevant training provided by the institution to enhance their skills as NMI representatives.

Student recruitment and admissions personnel will not discredit other schools or influence any student to leave another school by falsely imputing to another school: dishonorable conduct; inability to perform contracts; or questionable credit standing; making other false representations; falsely disparaging the character, nature, quality, value, or scope of another school’s program of instruction or services; or demeaning other school’s students.

NMI’s Enrollment Policies and Procedures are in place to ensure that NMI only admits those students who are capable of successfully completing the training offered. Admission decisions are based on fair, effective, and consistently applied criteria that enable the institution to make an informed judgment as to an applicant’s ability to achieve the program’s objectives.                                    


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